The KOPA tracks manufactured by Koneosapalvely are a long-time favourite in our product range. We redesigned our track models in 2014; the KOPA basic tracks now boast

  • longer and more durable track plate
  • better protection for tyres
  • decreased ground pressure
  • stronger side links

KOPA tracks are characterised by good flotation and excellent traction both relative to the ground and tyres. The tracks are suitable for any type of machine and year-round use. Last but not least, relying on quality tested in demanding Finnish conditions is always a good idea, since KOPA tracks are the only tracks on the market designed and manufactured in Finland.
We supply tracks for 600, 650, 700/710, and 750 series tyres.

Using tracks makes sense

The larger contact area of the tracks has a number of benefits in practical work: increased machine driving stability, enhanced carrying capacity, improved traction, less tyre wear and terrain damage, and better fuel economy.