Article number – 1810.0013
Operational weight – 8 – 18 t
Standard weight – 440 kg
Weight standard – 415 kg
Oil flow – 85 l/min
Operating pressure – 180 bar
Height – 698 mm
Tamper plate (L x W) – 570 x 617 mm
Frequency – 3000 RPM
Impact energy – 91 kN


Description Hyrax 400 hydraulic compactor 8 – 18 ton

Reliability, safety and extreme power are all key features of Dehaco’s Hyrax hydraulic compactors. Theses compactors, that are produced by Dehaco in the Netherlands, are a result of more than 30 years of compacting experience. This experience has resulted in a compactor with a relatively low own weight and incredibly high impact force. Where posts and sheet piles can be quickly and effortlessly driven into the ground, even up to 10 meters under water. With a single turn of a switch the compactor can be optimised for compacting applications. (From Hyrax 250)

High quality components and manufacturing processes guarantees peak performance. The Intelligent Dual Power System (IDP System®) from Dehaco allows the rotation direction of the motors to be simply adjusted, increasing the efficiency of the compactor for all applications. The safety belt system ensures that the Hyrax compactors comply with the strictest safety regulations.


  • Safe to use due to the incorporated safety belt.
  • Suitable for compacting and post or sheet piling applications.
  • High performance and impact energy.
  • Very large amplitude.
  • Simple to maintain.
  • Designed and built in the Netherlands.