pewag bluetrack flow

pewag bluetrack flow is all about gentle performance.

The tracks are designed in a way that offers a high level of protection for the tyres and the soil while also ensuring optimum grip.
  • Particularly suited for use on sensitive ground and on easy terrain due to soil-preserving profile
  • Optimised traction due to innovative stubs on each crossmember
  • Longer lifespan thanks to pewag starwave® technology
  • Higher cost-effectiveness as track profile adjusts itself to the tyre contour



  • Recommended for applications on flat or uneven terrain
  • Particularly suitable for sensitive soil

Product Information

  • Profile is designed for soil protection
  • Broad contact surface prevents machines from sinking, particularly on soft terrain
  • Optimal tire protection from tree stumps and stones thanks to wide coverage

Technical Details

  • Optimised traction thanks to innovative studs on each individual cross member
  • Prolonged lifespan thanks to pewag starwave® technology
  • Increased durability of the tire, improved running smoothness and cross-country mobility thanks to precise fit between tire and pewag bluetrack