Article number – 1610.0014
Operational weight – 4 – 6 t
Standard weight – 350 kg
Oil flow – 40 l/min
Oil flow rotation – 12  l/min
Operating pressure – 300 bar
Height – 950 mm
Amount of cilinders – 1
Shell width – 500 mm
Capacity – 125 liters
Closing force – 23 kN
Nr. of rotation motors – 1
Operating pressure rotation – 190 – 210 bar
Width opened – 1.400 mm


Description DMG400-R hydraulic multi grab 4 – 6 ton

  • High manoeuvrability due to 360º hydraulic rotation
  • From the DMG603-R up, all models are equipped with dual rotation motors. A great benefit of this is that power distribution on the slewing ring is much better.
  • From the DMG250-R and F series up, all models are equipped with interchangeable and reversible cutting edges with countersunk bolts. The blade bolts are countersunk to prevent material getting caught behind.
  • All DMG-R multi grabs are equipped with an substantial slewing ring. As a result, all models are ultimately suitable for the heaviest applications.
  • From the DMG803 up, all models are equipped with two cylinders. Consequently the power distribution is much better on the shells, as a result of which they close simultaneously.
  • Due to the special cylinder design and the equaliser, movement is kept to a minimum, resulting in almost no wear to the internal hoses.
  • DMG multi grab cylinders are equipped with cushion dampening, resulting in the shells closing without creating shocks to the excavator or damage to the main frame of the grab.